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We buy houses in Houston and surrounding areas. We take pride in helping area homeowners solve their property problems and sell their house fast and without hassle. We buy homes as investments. We pay cash, close on the date of your choice, buy houses in as-is condition and pay all the expensive closing costs. Click here to find out more about why we buy houses

Who We Are

Karma Property Solutions is run by Cal Ewing. Karma Property Solutions is a reputable house buying company in Houston. Since the beginning, the focus has been on helping people by providing a fast sale of a home. This opens up a lot of options for people that have felt stuck and unsure of what to do or who to turn to.

This business is how we make a living. We always treat people with respect. You can be assured that this is not just an empty statement by reading through testimonials and reviews from recent customers here.

Our Mission Statement

"We treat people fairly, we create win-win situations, we're respectful, honorable, ethical and moral."

If you or someone you know needs and wants to sell a house and they're in a tough situation. We absolutely want to help out.

Our Core Values

These core values are the center of our beliefs and shape who we are and how we operate:

  1. Be Empathetic
  2. Be Honorable, Ethical & Moral
  3. Always Follow Through
  4. Deliver a WOW Experience for our Clients
  5. Improve the neighborhoods and communities in which we do business.

The Karma Property Solutions Difference

You're might be thinking, "what makes you different from other house buying companies out there?" We're glad you asked...

We're able to pay more than other house buying companies because we have set ourselves up with contractors that repair the houses at a discount for us. They give us these discounts due to the volume of work we provide them. This allows us to pay you more money for your house and allows us to still make a return on our investment.

Unlike many similar house buying companies who just try and resell your house to another investor, we actually have the cash to buy your home and close on the date of your choice.

Many people aren't aware they have an option aside from selling a house themselves or hiring a real estate agent to sell their house. That somewhat unknown option is to sell fast to a cash home buying company such as ourselves. This option allows you to avoid paying thousands of dollars in agent commissions and closing costs assistance for someone needing a bank loan to buy your house. In fact, when we buy your house, we pay all the closing costs.

Instead of putting your house on the market and waiting weeks or even months for an interested buyer to come along, we can buy your house and close within a week!

Having to keep your house in immaculate condition so that you can constantly show it to complete strangers is not very appealing. Those buyers might not even have the ability to get a loan to buy your house. How do you know if they are qualified for a loan? When holding an open house you may be putting your family and valuables at risk. Many thieves attend open houses to see what kind of valuables are in the home, knowing that listed houses typically take a while to sell. Once they know what valuables you have, they come back when no one is around and take what they wish.

Why put yourself through all of that? You've already found a ready and willing buyer here.

We buy houses fast, for cash in Houston. Just give us a call and get an offer from a qualified buyer today.

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Karma Property Solutions - What's in a Name?

Our clients here in Greater Houston often ask about the meaning behind our name Karma Property Solutions. According to Wikipedia, Karma means action, work or deed; it also refers to the principle of cause and effect where intent and actions of an individual (cause) influence the future of that individual (effect). Good intent and good deed contribute to good karma and future happiness, while bad intent and bad deed contribute to bad karma and future suffering.

We chose to name our company "Karma" for multiple reasons. First, the importance of taking action - both for you (the seller) and us (the buyer) - as action influences future outcomes. The pain and problems you are experiencing due to unfortunate circumstances involving your house won’t go away without first taking action - reaching out to us to buy your house. It is then just as important for us take action to help alleviate your pain by buying your house in a stress-free transaction.

Secondly, we chose karma because our company truly believes that "good intent and good deed contribute to future happiness and positive happiness" - both in the case of our customers and our business. We generate good karma by operating by approaching our business honestly, ethically, morally and fairness. And as you have likely seen multiple times on our website, "We Put the People Before the Property." By operating in a way where good intent and good deeds come first, we are able to help our neighbors in Texas reach positive, win-win outcomes when it comes to selling their house. Learn more about our company in our FAQs.

What "Karma" means to us and our clients

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The Karma Property Solutions Team

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- John Q. Public

Cal Ewing - Company Owner

My name is Cal Ewing and I am the owner of Karma Property Solutions. I’ve been working as a real estate investor since 2009. During my time investing in real estate, I bought, renovated and repaired properties here in Houston, Texas as well as in many other cities across the United States.

Until starting Karma Property Solutions, I invested mostly in foreclosures and bought these foreclosed properties from the bank and county. I came to realize, however, that buying properties this way only benefited the banks and the country tax collectors. You see, these purchases took place after the original homeowners had lost their homes and were left with nothing to show for it.

After this realization, I decided that I would rather position my real estate investment business in a way which would help the individual homeowners - not the greedy banks. Now, my company buys houses from homeowners directly. We buy houses from homeowners who, due to a number of circumstances out of their control, really need to sell their houses and sell those houses fast.

This change of focus allows my company, Karma Property Solutions, to help people get out of some really sticky and stressful situations. We help them move on from their house problems and turn a negative situation into a positive outcome with money in their pockets, their credit in tact and with stressed and strained family relationships saved and mended.

I pride myself and my company on doing business in such a way that everyone wins. I truly believe in “Good Karma” and that helping others and doing good deeds reciprocates back in a positive way. If you ever find yourself needing to sell your house fast and are looking for a company which always puts the people before the property, I hope you will contact us and give us the opportunity to help you and your family.

Clint Rogers - Acquisitions Manager

Meet Clint Rogers, Acquisitions Manager, at Karma Property Solutions. Clint joins the Karma Team with 20+ years of construction, sales and leadership experience. It doesn't matter if he is digging a trench, managing crews, selling home remodeling projects or contracting residential or commercial construction projects, Clint has built a reputation for giving first class customer service while providing the highest quality craftsmanship and staying in budget and on time. As the Acquisitions Manager for Karma Property Solutions, Clint's mission is to make the selling of your property as efficient and worry-free as possible.

Keri Nelson - Sales Manager

Meet Keri Nelson, Administrator and Sales Manager at Karma Property Solutions. She has over 10 years of exceptional customer service in the administration industry. Known by clients and colleagues for her outstanding communication and interpersonal abilities. She portrays excellent organizational and leadership skills while managing and distributing information within the office. When you initially contact Karma Property Solutions Keri is likely the team member who will assist you with all your buying and selling needs. Keri is an asset to Karma Property Solutions team and our customers.

I Buy Houses Fast

When you sell to us, you can expect a fast sale. Paying cash allows us to close on the date of your choice, no matter if that is in a week or in a few months.

Small Town Feel

You won't be dealing with some big corporation when selling to us. You will be dealing directly with the owner and a small team of helpful staff.

We Buy As-Is

Don't worry about making those repairs or even cleaning out that house. We will buy any house exactly the way it is.

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