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5 Home Energy Audit Tips for Your Texas Home

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If you want to know how to do a DIY energy audit here are some home energy audit tips to perform on your Texas home. This money saving tips in this DIY energy audit provides can help you save up to 40% savings in your utility bills. By making these energy efficient upgrades to your home you will create a more comfortable and healthier home.

Renting My House on Airbnb: Pros and Cons

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Is renting my house on Airbnb a good idea? As a Texas landlord looking for rental options, a short-term rental property option is Airbnb. Airbnb is a start-up that has gained serious momentum as an online marketplace that connects renters with homeowners.

Seller Financing Basics for Texas Homeowners with Home Equity

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As a Texas homeowner with equity in your home, you should understand seller financing basics in the event you need to sell your house. Many sellers don’t understand the basics of seller financing and how they can take on the role as lender. But if you understand a seller financed home sale you can quickly see the benefits of potentially of receiving passive income while no longer dealing with the

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